Travelling for Real Estate

Because I heavily invest, I travel all the time for real estate, and am very fortunate to see some pretty incredible homes. I have travelled all over the United States, and even abroad to either invest myself, or to help partners invest in real estate. One of the top things that always comes up when I travel is what I do with my time?

Example, I flew into Houston last week, and travelled up to the Woodlands to do some business. If you don’t know the Woodlands, it’s a very upscale city that has some incredible homes. While my limo driver was taking me out to see this home below, he was asking how I can travel so much and still get things done. My answer was that I do a ton of work on planes, in the back seat of cars that are transporting me to business meetings or closings, and I have a couple of assistants that help me at every turn. By the way, if you’re looking for a great transportation provider in the Woodlands contact these guys:

Here’s the home that we drove out to see:

Woodlands Texas Home

The home is absolutely miraculous, with an old english feeling to it, and walking through it gave me the motivation to work extra hard to be able to acquire something like that. It was a bit out of my price range, but not very far off.

Back to the conversation that I had with the limo driver. I constantly am working. More than 70 hours a week at times, and have to be told by my family to slow down. But the funny thing is – I love what I do, and when you love what you do, you can work extra hours because it gives you that feeling of accomplishment that you would not normally get when doing something that you don’t really like that much.

Investing in real estate, and doing real estate owned deals not only gets me pumped up every single day, but I can simply feel that jolt of motivation when I wake up in the morning. I like to help people realize their dreams when they are going after real estate, either as the home that they will live in, or as an investment, as it most often applies.

When was the last time that you woke up in the morning, and got excited about the job that you were going to do? For me, it was this morning, when I was working on another deal for a family in Houston that I’m helping flip a house that was recently restored. This particular deal has taken a very long time because of the logistics of everyone involved. I live in Colorado, the couple that’s buying and flipping the home live in San Bernardino, CA, and the other realtors live in Houston. Kind of difficult to get things done with all the moving pieces, but we have managed to get things done.

Are you interested in bank owned property, or need a bit of advice on what to look for in this ever changing industry? Just contact us and we can help!


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