About REO Property

My name is Danny, and I’m a Real Estate broker in the Denver, Colorado area. I’ve been helping families and investors acquire property in the Denver area for over 12 years. I’ve developed a very good business chasing foreclosures, short sales, and Real Estate Owned Property.

My business is based around the premise that there is always a good deal in the Real Estate marketplace, and families and investors must be very patient when looking for a home if they have a certain budget to abide by.

I also look for property to invest in, which is why I started searching for foreclosed or short sale property in the first place.

My motto is ‘less is more’, and I try to convey that to every family I sit down with before we agree to work together. Just because a house is small or does not cost a lot of money does not mean that it cannot be a great home or investment property.

I’ve been listening and following Zach Childress for a long time, and here is a snapshot of why you should look to buy Real Estate Owned property.

Colorado is a wonderful place to live and invest in property, but the cost of a home is skyrocketing, and the end may not be in sight for some time.

There is a chance that you are looking for a bank owned property at the moment, but just make sure that you perform your due diligence when doing so.